national stationery show - part two

Some more great inspiration from the NSS 2010...

Blackbird Letterpress showcased a brilliant new card - another "Best New Products" candidate. The bear hug card can "hug" money, a gift card or how about a concert ticket. The options are endless.

One prevalent trend at the show was all the eco-friendly products. And boy do I have a great one to share with you! reGreet is a product to reduce, re-use and recycle greeting cards. I've always thought what a waste it is to trash all the beautiful, hilarious, and thoughtful cards that celebrate moments throughout the year. How does it work? See a video here. Deservedly so, this was yet another "Best New Products" competitor.

Okay, now for some cool display ideas I saw. These could all be easily translated to party decor (which of course was what I was thinking the whole time).

This was a whole wall made up of broken down furniture. See the tables, nightstands, drawers, etc. All painted white for unity and covered in colorful display items. Don't they just pop!? You could even make this in your own home. I think this would be a great idea in a kids room for toy shelf/storage. (Hey hubby, what about our playroom? Get your saw out!)

Tissue paper has made a huge impact on party decorations lately - can you say pom poms! Tissue paper is a very cheap and versatile material - both assets in my party planning book. Big impact on the cheap. Check out these examples in some of the booths.

Flowers floor to ceiling - simply fantastic! Oh, I also love the display shelf idea - It's a yard stick.

This a was a pom pom of sorts at the Lilly Pulitzer booth. The half dome shape is perfect for table centerpieces.

And how about this... Make your own tissue flowers. Poppies, roses, mums and my all time favorite flower, peonies. Look at this booth display! The flowering making kits will be available here soon according to the representative I spoke to. It's so new they don't even have it up on their website yet!

Paper-Source is one of my favorite sources for all things paper - hence the name Paper-Source! Ha! They had a display of quick and easy wrapping options with their products. You could use anything you have really, but theirs are great quality. Simple and functional wrappings, but all gorgeous! I know I will be using some of these ribbon ideas in the future.

Jax Invites has a great new product that creates buzz about your party right from the beginning. A tube mailer invitation that can be mailed as is. You just put the postage on and drop it in the mail. Both the out side tube and inside invitation can all be customized. What I love the most is you could also put other treats in there as well. Some jelly beans to an Easter party, a drink umbrella for a luau, red and white peppermints at Christmas time... Love it!

I still have more from the show (slowly making a dent in my seven pages of notes)... actually two of my absolute favorites yet to come!

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