eyeball cake pops

As promised, a quick picture of one the cake pops I've made for this weekend's Halloween dessert table job.  Eyeballs!!!  As if eating an eyeball wasn't creepy enough, I made the center red velvet cake.  Wonder if anyone will notice the "bloody" resemblance!?

Okay, back to the kitchen!  Not only do I have this party for 150+, but I also have a 90th birthday cake due this weekend.    


  1. I wanted you to know that I just spent over an hour looking through your blog and LOVE it! I am your newest follower.
    PS: I think my husband was getting tired of me interrupting his game to tell him about all your great ideas! ;)

  2. Those look disgusting...in the nicest way possible! I love that you used red velvet cake too! So clever.

  3. may i ask what you used to decorate these?

  4. ellie - I used the Wilton candy melts to decorate. I bought white color and then just used candy color to make the colors I needed.