new years

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! Now it's time to start talking about the next one... New Years! I was doing a little last minute shopping earlier this week and found this beauty at Pottery Barn. They had a whole line of New Years stuff.  Unlike most holiday plates, these can be used any time of the year. Timeless clocks - you can't go wrong!

And actually now that I think more about this set, what about turning it into a great "timely" gift. Yes, pun intended. Say an engagement gift with a card that reads "can't wait for your big day" or a big birthday (40th, 50th, etc.) with "time keeps moving".  You could do a gift for any celebratory event really with "time to celebrate" verbiage. Oh I could go on, but for your sake I'll stop.  Your welcome!


  1. Just did a NYE post featuring these plates! I must get my hands on them, I'm so in love...

  2. Such a great find! So fun to get together today!! I really enjoyed visiting with you. We will definitely have to get together again! Can't wait to hear all about Martha!!!!