tuscan dessert table

Remember the fundraiser dessert table I mentioned last week?  Well, here are a few pictures... the theme for the evening was Tuscan.  Sal, the beloved honoree of the evening, was Italian and used a tuscan color palette throughout his home so the theme was very fitting to him.  I used photos from a trip to Tuscany a few years back to steer my inspiration.  I put a couple pictures together as an inspiration board... sunflowers, yellows, lemons, cypress trees, rolling landscapes.  Enjoy!

I thought my floral arrangements turned out nicely in the tiered basket and stacked bushels.  In addition to the sunflowers, I used faux lemons and grapes from the dollar store.  

I made everything except these beautiful macarons.  (I figured trying them for the first time while on assignment wouldn't be the wisest choice!)  I bought them from the delicious La Cuisine Bakery in Branford, CT.  One little tidbit I have to share... the garnish atop the mini vanilla cupcakes are chocolate covered sunflower seeds.  I love when little details like that come full circle to really drive the theme home.  

Here are the amaretto tiramisu on dessert spoons and limoncello mousse cups.  I used a chocolate mold to make the little lighting bolt shaped garnish.

These are marscapone tarts with blackberry and almond garnish and Nutella pineapple.  Look at those cute skewers I found at the party store - I just love them!  I cubed pineapple, piped on a circle of Nutella and topped with chopped hazelnuts.  See the card holders?  I thought they were reminiscent of all the cypress trees and topiaries I saw in Italy.  I added a little sunflower detail to the base.  

And finally, this "sunflower" tower is made up of chocolate covered Oreos and yellow tissue squares.  A very simple dessert made special though presentation.  The display is not my original idea.  I saw it on the ever-amazing Rebecca Thuss website.  Once I saw it, I knew I was going to use it for this table.  It was so fitting to the theme and a great way to add height to the table.  When you have 600 pieces, you have to go UP!


  1. amazing anne!! love it!!! we are so honored to have YOU doing the dessert table at our wedding!

  2. It is stunning! You did an awesome job!!! I want to eat it all!!

  3. Beautiful! I'm interested in making macaroons too, so if you ever try, you must post it!
    What is that book detasil in the front?

  4. HOLY COW! You..my friend..are SOOOO talented! I just want you to come to oklahoma and have a dessert table at our house :) I am so happy you are living your dream! Love and miss you!

  5. WOW! This looks AMAZING!! I'm craving some dessert now!

  6. Wow, your spread is gorgeous!