national stationery show

I am having such a fun week!  My parents are visiting us from California.  We don't see each other very often, so when we do, we really try to live it up.  We are doing a lot of shopping, playing golf, heading to NYC for a Broadway show and (the best part of all) my mom and I are headed to the National Stationery Show on Monday.  Yay!!!  I love going to the show, but this year will be extra special because I'm going with my best friend.  We jokingly call her my "west coast correspondent", but she really does do a lot for my business and blog.  I value her design eye and she's constantly helping me through the process on a lot of my projects.

Another thing that really has me excited about this year's show is one of the guest speakers - Darcy Miller!  Yeah, you know the editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Cool, huh!?  I'm looking forward to hearing her perspective on the current/future trends.

So after my family leaves, I have so much to share with you - my Bloggy Boot Camp conference details and all the eye candy from NSS.

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  1. Hey! I'll be there on Monday too! My first time going.