xmas in july :: mantel decorations

One of the first things I do when putting up my Christmas decorations is to decorate the mantel. It gets me in the holiday spirit, plus it's a small enough area that can be completed fairly quickly. Quick is not the case for this beautiful display I spotted via desire to inspire! 500+ glass ornaments hand wired and twisted together - WOW! Now that's a mantel!!!! I definitely have a new inspiration for my own fireplace. Simply stunning!

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  1. Love! This reminds me of the Kate Spade color brilliance from the 2010 campaign and my favorite designer that got away: http://www.amymeierdesign.com/blog/on-my-bulletin-board/a-very-kate-christmas/!

    You do know I am going to hire you for nautical Xmas! This series is so fun!