inspiration everywhere

Being an event stylist, I always keep my eyes peeled for decor ideas. When I walked into Target the other day my eyes were immediately drawn up. Their seasonal decorations are always a good source of inspiration. Just think, Target (and most stores for that matter) pay designers to research trends, create store displays and keep the store decor festive and current. Why not follow their lead!?

I snapped a couple of quick pictures with my phone. Wouldn't this make a nice backdrop for a dessert or food table, a photo booth or a large overhead installation in a tent? Color, color, color!!!! And seeing as the material is cardboard, you could get a lot of bang for your buck. You could also make smaller versions for table centerpieces and countless other party elements. I will be stashing this idea away for a future event. I also think it's very reminiscent of the colorful velum mobile that made its way around the blogosphere a little while back.

   (via Project Wedding)


  1. I know! I love Target's new decor movement for every season, their oversized displays are so much fun!

  2. we all must think alike. i just noticed this installation today when i went to target and thought the same thing. yesterday, i saw the Gap's window and thought about it, too.

  3. I noticed the Target display and have that vellum mobile bookmarked from a while back myself!! Need another employee...?!?!