rose cake

Things have been hectic here at A. Party Style... I am so grateful! A wedding dessert table in NYC, a pink and orange candy buffet for a 40th birthday, cake orders and on and on. Once my head stops spinning and catch up on office duties, I will post some pictures. In the meantime, here is a quick pic of a cake I made for a 13th birthday party this past weekend.


  1. Looks just like I am bakers rose cake. do you make a habit of stealing other peoples designs

  2. Well, Hi Amber. Don't you sound pleasant!? I would have loved to respond to you directly, but since it was blocked, I couldn't. Before you accuse people of "stealing", you should know your facts. Yes, I Am Baker (whom I LOVE and have credited before on my blog several times) is only one of the MANY talented people online that provides a tutorial on how to make a rose cake using a 1M tip. Here are just a couple more you might like to check out.
    So, I, along with these people, Amanda from I Am Baker and the thousands of other people with blogs focused on sharing creative ideas, I hope you use our ideas - that's the whole reason I have my blog anyway. I want people to do it if they like it. And I don't expect a credit on every single thing I share. I don't have time to police; I'm on to developing new projects to share with my wonderful readers!

  3. Hi! As the original creator of the Rose (rosette) cake, I am always so honored to see that others have replicated my design. However, it would truly be the "icing on the cake" if you would be willing to properly credit my site when share this design. Thank you!