kilt cupcakes

Some orders I get are very specific and to be honest, some get me very nervous. Nervous that I won't be able to create what the client has in mind. Last week, I had a cupcake order to fill for a wedding shower tea celebrating the marriage of a Scottish gentleman and his African bride. The place where Andrew, the groom, works hosted the event and asked that I make little kilts to top the cupcakes. Not only was that challenging enough, they also asked that the plaid be the specific tartan to his family. Yeap, I was nervous. After it was all said and done though, I think they turned out great. Whew!


  1. Wow! Check out that plaid detail! What a scary request is right!

  2. How did you make that plaid? Is it edible markers? I've been looking for sugar sheets for something very similar and can't find anything.