deviled egg "holder"

With Easter one week from today, the ever popular deviled eggs will be making it's annual appearance in abundance. Yum! I always have a problem serving deviled eggs though. They slip and slide all over the plate (and when they fall, they leave your pastel pallet Easter dress looking a little yuck.) Some people have the luxury of owning one of those fancy platters especially for holding deviled eggs. If you are like me though, don't fret.... here is a solution!

Awhile back we were eating at Blue Smoke in NYC, I snapped a quick picture of how they handle the annoying egg-sliding problem. (I'm sure they don't want their servers dumping deviled eggs on any one's Easter bonnet, now do they!?) While piping in the yolk mixture, you also pipe a dollop on the plate and then place the egg on top. Genius, right?!

pink + gold

Okay, this is not a new trend by any means, but I am currently obsessed. The pink and gold craze has swept me off my feet. The dual juxtaposition of the bold contrast of colors as well as the flat verses metallic contrast is just irresistible. I wanted to share a few of the beauties that have caught my eye lately.

I love the whimsy of the these favor bags. 
(Note to self: buy a gold Sharpie)

This do-it-yourself wall art would be perfect in my daughter's room. Time to get out the glitter!

Of course, I can't have a post without cake. The elegance and detail of these cakes can be only be from the one and only Erica O'Brien. I'm hoping through our friendship, Erica's skill will rub off on me. 

Let us not forget the cookies, too. These are gorgeous! 

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite (which actually made me write this post). These dyed eggs are so timely too - Easter is right around the corner!
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