leap day :: frog cupcakes

Happy Leap Day! 

I think these frog cupcakes are perfect to spotlight today. Too cute right!? Anyone have big plans for this "extra" day? I'm playing catch-up; especially catching up on computer to-do's. I finally have the internet back!!!! It took WAY longer than it was supposed to - my love/hate relationship continues with my phone company. Anywho, I'm back up and running and will finally be able to post regularly again.

Just because I think it is so cool, I have to ask. Any readers have a leap day birthday? If so, how old are you?

exciting news...

Oh. My. How is it February!? Where did the last month go? I have so much to share with you all. Between events, moving (aka not having internet yet!) and traveling, posting has fallen by the wayside. 

In the coming days I'll share with you all the events and orders that I have done lately. But the most exciting thing to happen to A. Party Style, I just can't wait to share. Please help me welcome the latest addition to the A. Party Style Team...

Meet Sara Ruggiero!!!

Sara and I have been friends for several years now and have always wanted to work together. We are both tinkled pink that it finally worked out. The stars aligned... If you haven't already noticed, she has already taken over the Facebook page and made it much better. Sara has a marketing background, which will help tremendously with new jobs, but she is also very crafty and knows her way around the kitchen, too. Just what I needed in an assistant. (Sara's presence will keep me more loyal to my posting as well!)

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