diaper box invitation

I recently took some pictures of the correspondence design I've done in the past so I could share them all with you. Then just yesterday, I saw a post over at Celebrations at Home featuring box invitations here. So it was obvious to me it was timely to post this baby shower invitation I designed a few years back.

The new baby's room was going to be blue and brown so I followed that color scheme for the baby shower. You can obviously pick any colors to fit your decor easily since ribbon and tissue paper come in countless options.

The ribbon closed the invitation, but this one I purposely left un-done for future use - like to show here! I just took the closed boxes to the post office and they put the postage directly on the boxes. The guests loved receiving them; they said they felt like they were receiving a gift.

I folded the diaper just like you would for use on a baby. I used diaper pins (available at Babies R Us) to secure it and then added a little ribbon detail with the same ribbon that closed the box. Tucked inside the diaper, but still peeking out the top, was the actual invitation.

The great thing about this invitation is it has a second purpose. When the guest called to RSVP, they were told to bring the cloth diaper to the shower and then the diapers were all given to the mother-to-be as burp cloths. Can't ever have too many burp cloths, right moms!?

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