cake time

I am in full blown production mode. I have a couple cake orders due this weekend and the state of my kitchen is proof! Yikes! Anyone want to come do dishes, cut out fondant pieces, sculpt cakes... anything you want, you can do it! So since I'm too busy to actually post about what I want to post, I thought I'd put up some more cakes. I still have to download last months cakes too! I can't keep up, but I'm not complaining. I'm loving it! Enjoy!

I loved making this cake. It was for a little girl named Charlotte for her third birthday. Her party was held on Halloween so they decided on a "Charlotte's Web" theme. Isn't that the greatest!!! Hence the Halloween mixed with farm animals. Notice the number three "weaved" into the web. If I would have been really ambitious, I would have spelled it out like the real Charlotte's Web did.

Next up, a little camping cake. I'm sure you all know this trick, but just in case... the trees are upside down ice cream cones. I just used a star tip and piped all over them. I love the little sleeping bag rolled up inside the tent. I also love (and use all the time) the candy "rocks". They are just candy coated chocolates. Kind of taste like M&M's. You can get them in small and large sizes.

This cake, oh this cake. One of my hardest. Not in terms of technique or difficulty, but concept. The client told me she wanted a cake for her husband's surprise 50th. She told me he was into running, had completed an Ironman competition, had a Porsche and was a doctor. All I kept thinking was "What the heck am I going to do with that!?!?"

This was a 40th birthday cake. The birthday boy has a love of hot rod cars and has owned several in his life. His wife asked me to use his existing hot rod as an inspiration for his cake. The white-wall tires (notice the inflating tube), the flames and a hot rod wouldn't be complete without a rear-view mirror scarfed in fuzzy dice.

A Steinway & Sons piano cake for a pianist/composer.

And the last cake for today, was a retirement cake. I actually did very little on this cake, but I still wanted to show it to you so you know you can use anything to decorate a cake. The client wanted to use specific Playmobil pieces (great creative toys) she had, so she brought them to me and I built up a scene around them. What better way to celebrate retirement than sitting in a hammock tied between two palms right!?

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