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Before motherhood and event planning, I was a landscape architect.  The firm I worked for collaborated with an architecture firm out of New York City, Butler Rogers Baskett, on a few projects.  Not only are they are great firm, but they also win the best company Christmas card I have ever seen!  I loved it so much that I have saved it for years.  It's a replica of a sheet of stamps - remember those? 

They created it by having all the employees pose with Christmas props like candy canes and snowmen in front of colorful backdrops.  It was sent in a cellophane package with a cardboard backing, just like the old stamp sheets.  I just think it is so creative and oh-so-fun!  Notice the funny filler spots, too like Ebenser Scrooge.  The year (03) replaces the usual amount and the holiday words mimic a stamp design.  I hope I have the opportunity to use this great idea someday! 

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Alexis said...

Love it...what a GREAT idea!

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