happy fall!

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of year!!!  The smells, the colors, the leaves... oh my!!!  (oh, and I get to start wearing boots again!)  There are many things I adore about living in the Northeast, but witnessing October every year is definitely on the top of my list.  October is full of fun - the outdoor beauty previously mentioned, but it also includes the best holiday of the year - Columbus Day!  Just kidding, I'm just making sure you're reading!  It's Halloween, of course!!!

This year, my October is going to be CRAZY!!!  I think it will be my busiest month. Ever!  Get ready folks, I'm probably going to be MIA, but just know I'll have good stuff to share when I get all done.  I have a house decor project starting next week,  two huge fall / Halloween parties, a couple of cakes, oh and oh yeah, a wedding!!!  Yeap, I'm going to be busy.  All this while trying to still be a good stay-at-home momma.

Okay, but back to Halloween... in preparation of the big trick-or-treat night, I thought I would start sharing some of the past costumes I've made for my girls.  Maybe you will see something you'd like to make?

First costume, going back 5 years here.  Ella was only 6 months old - wow!  And just to set the record straight, she did not go out collecting goodies.  (I've recently heard about lots of people being upset when babies go trick-or-treating.  Really!?  I love seeing the little ones all dressed up.  So what if the parents are the ones who will get the KitKat reward - after all, they are the ones who made the costume and took the kid out for me to see.  I, personally, am far more frustrated when the un-costumed teenagers show up at my door and expect handouts.  Most not even giving a customary thank you.   Do you guys have this problem?  How do you deal with it?  Sorry, I'll get off my soap box now.)

Anyway, back to the costume.  We were invited to a family-oriented Halloween party and all our friends wanted to see her dressed-up.  So I had to make a costume!  I should tell you right now, I am not a seamstress.  I did some very simple stitching here and even that proved to be too difficult for me!  Basically, if you were to look at the back of this you would see what I'm talking about.  I ended up hot gluing a lot of the details on out of frustration.  Sewing is definitely a domestic skill I have yet to acquire.

Stay tuned... my favorites were years three and four!

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Gloria said...

Oh my goodness, is that baby not the cutest thing???!!!!! I want to eat her up! :)
Enjoy your girls!
Best regards,
Gloria (visiting from SITS)

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