foliage place mats

(image via Martha Stewart)

I have an ever-growing "idea folder".  Like many of you, when I see something I like in a magazine, book, website, etc. I document it and store it for later.  Then, before each holiday, I peek at the ideas to see if there is anything I want to use that year.  This morning, I pulled out my Thanksgiving folder to find something to share with you guys.  I just love this Martha idea - it's simple, super easy and anyone can do it.  All you need is a pair of scissors and fall-colored fabric.  See here for the templates and how-to.  You could also make these out of bright fall-colored paper.  Furthermore, what about laying them atop a rustic burlap tablecloth?  Lovely, right!?  So simple, clean and modern, but still very festive.  

Better yet, since I'm sure we are all starting to already feel stress from the holiday to-do's, why not have the kids do this chore.  They would love doing this too!  As an activity, have the children make their own place mats for their children's Thanksgiving table.  Can I sit at the children's table!?!?

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Cathy said...

Those look cute and easy. Right up my alley! Thanks for sharing.

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