top hat wine bucket

On a recent trip to the party store, I saw this top hat wine bucket.  Wouldn't it be fun for the upcoming Oscar's!?  Very festive!  It was only $12.99.  I like to buy pieces that I can use for more than one theme/party.  With the top hat there are a slew of other holidays/celebrations you could use this for.  To name a few...

-New Year's
-Oscar Party
-Hollywood Theme Party
-Snowman/Winter Party (use it as the base for snowman centerpieces)
-Alice in Wonderland Party (Mad Hatter)
-Halloween (spook it up for decoration or use as a candy bowl)

You could also use this in lieu of a basket the next time you are giving a gift basket.  Say like a movie themed gift - movie tickets, popcorn, candy, etc. all tucked into this hat.  Cute!

Any other ideas???

And look at this "fancy" one available here.  More expensive obviously, but so p-p-pretty!



Christine said...

Oh my gosh that is THE cutest idea I've seen in a while!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Loving your blog!

vferrucci said...

A kids themed magic party! You could have bunnies and scarves coming out of it.

Unknown said...

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