spring decorating

I just have to show you guys something... While decorating one of my clients homes for Easter recently, I fell in love with a beautiful set of springtime terrarium bell jars.  I was at the house by myself, so I couldn't inquire about where they got them, so I did the next best thing - flipped it over and looked for a tag.  Of course, I should have known since they were so gorgeous - Williams-Sonoma!  As soon as I got home, I searched Williams-Sonoma high and low to buy myself some, but, unfortunately, came up empty handed.  They must be from spring collections past.  How did I miss these!?  So, like me, there's not really anything you can do about it if you like them, but I still had to share.  They are so pretty!

My clients had several of them, so I grouped some together (above), but they also show beautifully being displayed individually like this picture below.  

Beyond the look, another quality I love is they are not real glass - not too heavy and less likely to get broken.  That's a plus in my active kid house!  Maybe I should try and make some myself!?

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