xmas in july :: red, white and blue tree

Every year, I attend a holiday fundraiser called Trees of Hope put on by the Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut. My attendance is two fold - 1) I will support anything with the children in need being the beneficiaries and 2) a selfish curiosity to see new creative decorating ideas for Christmas trees. I will share some fun trees I spotted at last year's event in the coming days, but today it's all about the
 red, white and blue
Check out this Patriotic Tree...  Like using a black tree for both Halloween and Christmas, you could use a white tree for both Christmas and the 4th of July. More bang for your buck - I'm all about that!

There are also a couple of specific details I want to call your attention to. I love the flag bunting used as the tree skirt. (Promise me you won't put an American flag on the floor. Okay? Okay.) I also love the clumping of the ornaments. It reiterates the red, white and blue of this tree specifically, but image it on another tree with it's own special color scheme. I'm making a mental note of this decorating technique for my clients' trees as well as my own tree this coming season.

Happy Birthday, America! 
Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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