coffee + dessert party

We were recently invited to a party at a neighbors house - it was unbelievable! For her husbands birthday, my friend Jenni, created a delicious spread and I just had to share it with you all. And yes, I know it was delicious because I tried every. single. item. 

It was an afternoon gathering, so Jenni decided on a coffee + sweets theme. Just look at this invitation she made... that's a coffee filter folks! The actual invite fits into the filter. Perfection. 

All of the tags for the food were attached to their serving pieces using simple clothesline clips. Now get this, she dyed them all red to match her decor. Genius!

For drinks, guests (both old and young) could choose between milk or coffee - both included several options to be your own barista. Everyone made their beverage perfect for their own taste buds.  Strawberry milk? Or how about cream and raw sugar in your coffee? 

Now, please excuse my novice photography skills... Jenni used the same coffee cups (notice the custom labels on each) to create a birthday banner, which was a perfect backdrop for the coffee station. 

click the photo to see the cups better

What a "sweet" party! 
Thanks for inviting us Hopper Family! Great job, Jenni!


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