kilt cupcakes

Some orders I get are very specific and to be honest, some get me very nervous. Nervous that I won't be able to create what the client has in mind. Last week, I had a cupcake order to fill for a wedding shower tea celebrating the marriage of a Scottish gentleman and his African bride. The place where Andrew, the groom, works hosted the event and asked that I make little kilts to top the cupcakes. Not only was that challenging enough, they also asked that the plaid be the specific tartan to his family. Yeap, I was nervous. After it was all said and done though, I think they turned out great. Whew!

halloween recap

First, I have to say my thoughts and prayers continue to be with my fellow east coasters suffering from Sandy's destruction. Our power came back on in time for a regular night of trick-or-treating and that normalcy was great for the kids. My girls went as a flamingo and a mermaid this year. But the area is still far from normal.

While we are talking about Halloween one last time for the year, here are some pictures from a recent Halloween dessert table I did - all witch themed. (I was going to share before the actual holiday, but having no power compromised that. Oh well, hopefully you can stock up some ideas for next year.) Note the little witch hat spoon toppers for the pumpkin mousse cups and the broom stick donut holders?  So cute,m right!? I originally saw them from this gorgeous Halloween party styled by the talented Paula of Frog Prince Paperie.

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