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As I prepare for my daughter's birthday party in a couple of weeks, I realized I never posted her party we had last year - And it was one of my all time favorites!  Because she was turning four and we are a family who loves golf, we ran with that theme... FORE! For the invitation, I made mini pinwheels to attach to a miniature golf scene.

Green is obviously in any color scheme for a golf party, but since it was for my daughter we also incorporated pink (her favorite color). Then orange was added when I found a pair of pink and orange argyle socks - so perfect!  Those socks, a pink golf shirt, a visor and Aubrey's party outfit was complete.

We made our own putt-putt course in our backyard. I loved how it turned out. We created the "holes" by mowing the grass extra short. I bought plastic golf sets from Walmart and used the bag part for the hole signs. I am planning on doing another post about each hole and it's hazard - coming soon! My favorite hole was #2 - river bed of rocks and a popsicle stick bridge!

This was the "Pro-Shop".  Each guest picked up their own visor customized with their name, a ball, a tee, a club and their score card. My husband and I really enjoyed drawing the "course" on the score cards.

The dessert table included cake, rice crispy treats as "sand traps", blue jello cups as "water hazards", chocolate pudding cups with gummy worms as "worm burners", donut holes as a "bucket of balls" and cake pops with a "putting green" on top (hole #4 of course!).

The cake!

We made a version of Pin the tail on the Donkey for our party - "Get a Hole-in-One". Each guest got a paper golf ball to put on the board while they were blindfolded. The kids got smart and just started feeling for the "hole" cut out of the astroturf.

 What course would be complete without a 19th hole watering hole... ice "tee" and lemonade.

During course play, we took a break for ice cream. The guests piled on the toppings! For favors, I made little bags of golf related trinkets with a tag saying "Fore" you.

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