fore :: golf party

As I prepare for my daughter's birthday party in a couple of weeks, I realized I never posted her party we had last year - And it was one of my all time favorites!  Because she was turning four and we are a family who loves golf, we ran with that theme... FORE! For the invitation, I made mini pinwheels to attach to a miniature golf scene.

Green is obviously in any color scheme for a golf party, but since it was for my daughter we also incorporated pink (her favorite color). Then orange was added when I found a pair of pink and orange argyle socks - so perfect!  Those socks, a pink golf shirt, a visor and Aubrey's party outfit was complete.

We made our own putt-putt course in our backyard. I loved how it turned out. We created the "holes" by mowing the grass extra short. I bought plastic golf sets from Walmart and used the bag part for the hole signs. I am planning on doing another post about each hole and it's hazard - coming soon! My favorite hole was #2 - river bed of rocks and a popsicle stick bridge!

This was the "Pro-Shop".  Each guest picked up their own visor customized with their name, a ball, a tee, a club and their score card. My husband and I really enjoyed drawing the "course" on the score cards.

The dessert table included cake, rice crispy treats as "sand traps", blue jello cups as "water hazards", chocolate pudding cups with gummy worms as "worm burners", donut holes as a "bucket of balls" and cake pops with a "putting green" on top (hole #4 of course!).

The cake!

We made a version of Pin the tail on the Donkey for our party - "Get a Hole-in-One". Each guest got a paper golf ball to put on the board while they were blindfolded. The kids got smart and just started feeling for the "hole" cut out of the astroturf.

 What course would be complete without a 19th hole watering hole... ice "tee" and lemonade.

During course play, we took a break for ice cream. The guests piled on the toppings! For favors, I made little bags of golf related trinkets with a tag saying "Fore" you.

inspiration :: out and about

I always try to keep my eyes peeled for inspiration. Whether it's the season teaser (like here) or displaying merchandise, one place you are always sure to find some good eye candy is at department stores. 

Recently I was in NYC to celebrate my mom's birthday and we did some shopping. While at the original Macy's on 34th, I noticed this cute display for simple trays. I loved the idea of turning these trays into mobile concessions. I snapped a couple pictures for selfish reasons. My daughter wants a circus/carnival party and I thought this would be a perfect way to walk around and serve treats in the middle of the party. Look how simple the construction is - they just hot glued the ribbon! 

During the same trip, we went into FAO Schwarz so my aunt, who had never been to NYC, could experience it. That store makes us all want to be a kid again. In the candy department, I spotted these fun topiaries made out of Peeps. I think they are so cool! They would be perfect for a candy party or an Easter display. 

And lastly, this window display treasure from my local babyGap.  Again, selfishly I was thinking about my daughter's party, but this simple and cheap display could be used for so many themes. I know it's hard to tell from the cell phone photo, but it is simply paper cups embellished with paper straws and paper lemon cut-outs attached to a white display board. So clever! Hello, future backdrop!

baptism + first communion cakes

Whew! I almost forgot how to post, it's been so long. Not that any of you are waiting with bated breath for my ramblings, but I just thought I should at least acknowledge my absence. Things have been moving right along here at A. Party Style, which is awesome, it just means less time for posting. The good part in all of this, I have a line up of great stuff to share!

First off, I've put together a few cake photos I've done this spring. With spring, comes all the religious celebrations for little ones - Baptisms and First Communions. I thank all the parents of these children for letting me create something for their special day.


nautical wedding :: rope details

Last fall, I helped style a wedding with a nautical theme. The event was held at the Boston Harbor Hotel, which is located right on and overlooks the Boston harbor. (My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the amazing Bostonian community.) The bride picked a navy and coral color scheme and we incorporated a monkey fist knot graphic thought out the wedding. This graphic became the wedding "logo", if you will. The following are the invitations, seating chart and a few shots of the other wedding elements we designed. 

Rope details have long been a staple of nautical design inspiration and decor. Pottery Barn's new summer collection has some great examples of this.  You can view all of the rope items here. Some of my favorites are below...

Disclaimer: I was not paid/compensated in any form for writing this post.  Pottery Barn representatives directed me to the products which reminded me of an event I worked on. 

race car party :: invitations

You all know, I love to set the tone of a party with a fun invitation. My oldest daughter recently turned eight. (Hand me a tissue, please.) I'm working on the photos for the party post, but in the meantime, here's the invitation.

After seeing a cake a year ago that was shaped in a figure-eight race track design, my daughter told me that's what she wanted for her 8th birthday cake. We ran with the theme and her party was a race car party. Wanting to do something different, we switched up a typical color scheme of black and red and used her favorite color - Blue.  Needing another color to complete the whole package, she picked orange because it's blue's complimentary counterpart. 

italian / pizza themed desserts

I recently had a dessert order for a little girl's pizza party. I made little pizzas atop cake pops, as well as jello, cups mimicking the Italian flag.

The cake pop "pizzas" were made using a peanut butter candy melt turned upside down and placed on top of the cake pop while the chocolate was still warm. Then, I piped on more white chocolate to look like cheese. For the finishing touch, I scattered red and green sprinkles to look like pepperoni and veggies.

For the jello cups, I used Glorious Treats' rainbow jello cups post for the how-to.  Obviously, the red and green are just regular jello, but the "white" is Cool Whip mixed with some jello to make it solidify. I will add, make sure you get the white to touch all sides of your cup. If not, it will float to the top. Spoken from experience, they don't resemble the Italian flag after that. Oops! 

coffee + dessert party

We were recently invited to a party at a neighbors house - it was unbelievable! For her husbands birthday, my friend Jenni, created a delicious spread and I just had to share it with you all. And yes, I know it was delicious because I tried every. single. item. 

It was an afternoon gathering, so Jenni decided on a coffee + sweets theme. Just look at this invitation she made... that's a coffee filter folks! The actual invite fits into the filter. Perfection. 

All of the tags for the food were attached to their serving pieces using simple clothesline clips. Now get this, she dyed them all red to match her decor. Genius!

For drinks, guests (both old and young) could choose between milk or coffee - both included several options to be your own barista. Everyone made their beverage perfect for their own taste buds.  Strawberry milk? Or how about cream and raw sugar in your coffee? 

Now, please excuse my novice photography skills... Jenni used the same coffee cups (notice the custom labels on each) to create a birthday banner, which was a perfect backdrop for the coffee station. 

click the photo to see the cups better

What a "sweet" party! 
Thanks for inviting us Hopper Family! Great job, Jenni!

easter cake

I was just downloading photos from my daughter's birthday party last weekend and guess what I found!? The cake I made to take with us to friends house for Easter. I'm so out of date! I thought about posting it next year around Easter... yeah, if I don't post it now, I'll definitely forget.  

deviled egg "holder"

With Easter one week from today, the ever popular deviled eggs will be making it's annual appearance in abundance. Yum! I always have a problem serving deviled eggs though. They slip and slide all over the plate (and when they fall, they leave your pastel pallet Easter dress looking a little yuck.) Some people have the luxury of owning one of those fancy platters especially for holding deviled eggs. If you are like me though, don't fret.... here is a solution!

Awhile back we were eating at Blue Smoke in NYC, I snapped a quick picture of how they handle the annoying egg-sliding problem. (I'm sure they don't want their servers dumping deviled eggs on any one's Easter bonnet, now do they!?) While piping in the yolk mixture, you also pipe a dollop on the plate and then place the egg on top. Genius, right?!

pink + gold

Okay, this is not a new trend by any means, but I am currently obsessed. The pink and gold craze has swept me off my feet. The dual juxtaposition of the bold contrast of colors as well as the flat verses metallic contrast is just irresistible. I wanted to share a few of the beauties that have caught my eye lately.

I love the whimsy of the these favor bags. 
(Note to self: buy a gold Sharpie)

This do-it-yourself wall art would be perfect in my daughter's room. Time to get out the glitter!

Of course, I can't have a post without cake. The elegance and detail of these cakes can be only be from the one and only Erica O'Brien. I'm hoping through our friendship, Erica's skill will rub off on me. 

Let us not forget the cookies, too. These are gorgeous! 

Last, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite (which actually made me write this post). These dyed eggs are so timely too - Easter is right around the corner!

modern animal baby shower cake

This is a recent baby shower cake I made. For the animals, I used my Cricut Cake machine - They look much better than if I were to cut them out! The mommy-to-be's nickname is banana, hence the saying "Welcome Baby Banana". (Just wanted to clarify that she's not like Gwyneth Paltrow naming her children after fruit.)

valentine's breakfast for two :: pretty in pink

After winning the Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge last month, I was given another opportunity to do some more styling work with Pottery Barn products. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I decided to do a romantic Valentine's breakfast for two. All the items from Pottery Barn happened to be pink, so I ran with that scheme and created a "pretty in pink" display. 

For starters, let me share with you the specific samples that arrived on my doorstep...
(Botanical Pillar Candle, Candle Pot, and the Potpourri respectively)

Okay, now do you want to create a table for your sweetheart on the 14th? Beyond the products provided, everything else I already had. I hope this little set-up inspires you to be creative with things you have around your house. I walked from room-to-room and found a few props - a shower curtain, my daughter's hair bows, a very old cake topper (more on this later) and scraps of vintage paper. Use your imagination! Also, don't stress about the food; it doesn't need to be extravagant. Since it's completely acceptable to carb-load on a holiday (oh, that's right, that's just my own justification) I included a large chocolate muffin and brown sugar cream of wheat and strawberries. Some form of chocolate and strawberries are a must to any Valentine's spread, right?! To drink, I made a sparkling cranberry juice.

On a personal note, I found more inspiration from a few items I have from my grandparents' wedding day. I love this photo of their young faces as they started their life together. Maybe even more cherished though is their cake topper. Yes, that is their original cake topper from 1947! How romantic, right!? (Now, is there anyone who wants to try a bite of the piped frosting leftover on the bottom?)  

{Disclosure: All design and styling by A. Party Style, LLC :: Products provided by Pottery Barn}

stamped plates :: reader idea

Do you all remember my tutorial on stamping plates?  I continue to use this as a little extra detail at my personal events.

And now thanks to an A. Party Style reader, here is an expansion on this idea. Nicole thought about doing it on paper plates - Brilliant!! She sent over her picture and it worked beautifully for her daughter's first birthday. Thanks for sharing, Nicole! (And don't you just love those food tags!? Adorable!)
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