valentine's breakfast for two :: pretty in pink

After winning the Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge last month, I was given another opportunity to do some more styling work with Pottery Barn products. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I decided to do a romantic Valentine's breakfast for two. All the items from Pottery Barn happened to be pink, so I ran with that scheme and created a "pretty in pink" display. 

For starters, let me share with you the specific samples that arrived on my doorstep...
(Botanical Pillar Candle, Candle Pot, and the Potpourri respectively)

Okay, now do you want to create a table for your sweetheart on the 14th? Beyond the products provided, everything else I already had. I hope this little set-up inspires you to be creative with things you have around your house. I walked from room-to-room and found a few props - a shower curtain, my daughter's hair bows, a very old cake topper (more on this later) and scraps of vintage paper. Use your imagination! Also, don't stress about the food; it doesn't need to be extravagant. Since it's completely acceptable to carb-load on a holiday (oh, that's right, that's just my own justification) I included a large chocolate muffin and brown sugar cream of wheat and strawberries. Some form of chocolate and strawberries are a must to any Valentine's spread, right?! To drink, I made a sparkling cranberry juice.

On a personal note, I found more inspiration from a few items I have from my grandparents' wedding day. I love this photo of their young faces as they started their life together. Maybe even more cherished though is their cake topper. Yes, that is their original cake topper from 1947! How romantic, right!? (Now, is there anyone who wants to try a bite of the piped frosting leftover on the bottom?)  

{Disclosure: All design and styling by A. Party Style, LLC :: Products provided by Pottery Barn}


Bellenza Bistro said...

How precious to still have your grandparents' wedding cake topper! Such a sweet setting your created, too. :-)

Sabrina said...

OMG! This is so cute! The decoration is really great.

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