italian / pizza themed desserts

I recently had a dessert order for a little girl's pizza party. I made little pizzas atop cake pops, as well as jello, cups mimicking the Italian flag.

The cake pop "pizzas" were made using a peanut butter candy melt turned upside down and placed on top of the cake pop while the chocolate was still warm. Then, I piped on more white chocolate to look like cheese. For the finishing touch, I scattered red and green sprinkles to look like pepperoni and veggies.

For the jello cups, I used Glorious Treats' rainbow jello cups post for the how-to.  Obviously, the red and green are just regular jello, but the "white" is Cool Whip mixed with some jello to make it solidify. I will add, make sure you get the white to touch all sides of your cup. If not, it will float to the top. Spoken from experience, they don't resemble the Italian flag after that. Oops! 


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