Hello! I'm the owner and creative director behind A. Party Style. My love of entertaining and creating with my own two hands started early in my life.  Prior to starting my company, I was trained in and work as a professional landscape architect. I worked on a variety of projects spanning famous historic landscapes to modern Fortune 500 company headquarters. Through these projects, I have acquired an appreciation for all aspects of the design process, as well as an awareness to find inspiration in everything around me. Being in the design field taught me skills I now employ on my creative ventures. In addition to this, a lot of my design influence comes from my husband. I am married to an architect who shares my love of good design and he regularly contributes to client projects.

Following the birth of my children, my focus shifted to my family. Without wanting my skill set to become dormant while I stayed at home, I started A. Party Style. This decision provided a good balance of being home with my daughters, yet a platform to contribute my design talents to clients for their own events. Furthermore, I started the blog aspect of my company to share inspiration and style to others.

A. Party Style's scope includes everything event related - styling, planning, desserts, crafts, correspondence design, florals etc.

I absolutely love what I do! I am fulfilling my dreams and it feels oh-so-good! Through this blog, my goal is to inspire you to create your own stellar event with ideas and how-to's. I am truly humbled by your visit and I genuinely thank you for joining me on my ride! Please feel free to contact me; I LOVE hearing from my readers.

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