The cake was simply beautiful, elegant in every detail - the design, the color, each hand-made petal. Thank you for the talent and care you brought to its preparation and delivery. The beauty was not only in the design and execution, but how you uniquely captured Sofia's choices. A beautiful ending to a joyous day. And delicious! As one of the guests said, "Gorgeous to look at, gorgeous to eat."
Thanks you!

There aren't enough "thank you's" in the world that would express my thanks for all that you did for our wedding. Everything came together perfectly and we received so many compliments! Thanks again for your contributions in making our day perfect!
Meghan & Rob

Hi Anne,
Thank you so much for everything! Everyone LOVED everything and was such a big hit!!! THANK YOU for being a part of our day and we couldn't have been happier. I will pass on the good word.
Thanks again!
Ashlye V.

Dear Anne, 
Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding even more wonderful than we had imagined!  We are so grateful to have worked with you and we appreciate all of your energy and enthusiasm!
Take care, 
David C.

I just wanted to extend a personal thanks for your support of our event last evening.  You are a masterful artist in every way!  Thank you for your amazing work and being the amazing person that you are!  Everyone was so impressed with your desserts - so beautifully displayed and so deliciously enjoyed.  And the biggest gift is how wonderful you are as a collaborator - so kind, considerate and giving.  We are all delighted to know you.
Sharyn E.

Dear Anne, 
The cake was a huge hit and deeee-licious!!  We ate it 'round the clock for awhile.  So good!  
Thank you most sincerely,
Jennifer H.

Dear Anne, 
On behalf of the Carolyn and the committee, I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your extraordinary support.  Because of you, our ACES Education Foundation Gala was a magnificent success, overflowing with goodness of food and the best desserts, beauty and ambiance - all done in the "Sal way" with great perfection and attention to detail.
We are grateful as well for your presence in creating a magical evening for our guests.  I look forward to working with you again.
Cheryl S.

Hi Anne,
David and I are so grateful to you for coordinating the wedding and for adding your excellent creative touch to the decorations, invitations, etc. We had a really wonderful time at the event, and we think everyone else did, too!  We could not have done it without you (and that's an understatement!)
Thank you so much - it was really great working with you and getting to know you. 
Best of luck with all,
Amanda L. 

Hi Anne,
What can I say?! THANK YOU!!! The cake was so beautiful.... It looked amazing and tasted even better... I am so so happy you were able to be part of Charlotte's party :) You are so talented.
All our guests absolutely loved the cake, took numerous pictures, asked many questions about you... All were amazed and complimented me on the choice (I told them I had nothing to do with it and you deserved all the praise!). I will send your info and share your blog to a lot of people.
So again, many thanks for everything and this beautiful, delicious cake....
Merci, Merci many more times,
Marie S.

Dear Anne,
Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your amazing work with Winter's Night in Spring Glen. The place looked fabulous thanks to you. And the desserts... They were DIVINE!
Thank you, Thank you!
Kristin T.

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