healthy valentine treat

Since my daughter's pre-school requests no candies/treats for Valentine's Day, I tried to come up with some way to still incorporate a "goodie" bag for my daughter, Ella, to share. Surely the parents and/or teachers will be fine with a fruit treat, right?! All kids love apples and oranges.

The tags say: "You're the 'apple' of my eye" and "'Orange' you going to be my Valentine?" respectively.

Ella cut out all the hearts and we then ran them through a tool that crimps paper. (Side bar... every time I use this tool it makes me think of when I used to crimp my hair in the 80's. Boy, wasn't that a weird trend!) Then we added some "stitching" around the border, I wrote the sayings and she proudly finished them with her signature. I always have treat bags on hand for this type of occasion. Throw a little curly ribbon around and you have a very cheap, easy and healthy valentine!

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