national stationery show - part one

Wowza, that was fun! I went to the Stationery Show this past Sunday and loved every moment of it. I am going to do several posts on my visit because there is just too much to share at one time. I walked aisle after aisle of fantastic booths, but I also attended a few demostrations and a "meet the author" session. So without further ado, let me get started with all the wonderful stuff!

My first stop was the Press Center. I got my registation finalized and then perused the racks and racks of press kits. Such inspiration! I'll share some more details on these after I get the bags and bags of stuff I came home with organized.

Notice the paint cans on the bottom shelf? I just wanted to show you all yet another idea for a paint can. Remember the time capsule idea here.

And then I was off to discover all this... over 900 booths!

Some of my favorite finds...

Okay, there is offically a "bar" for everthing now. Check out this Stationery Bar! Very practical for a stationery shop and MY OFFICE! I want, I want!

This is a great new product by Hello Hanna. It was named one of the "Best New Products" of the show. Of course it was one of my favorite finds too - I am the cake lady after all. Individual cake stands called Sweet Stands.

Hello Hanna had another product making it into the "Best New Products" catagory. The Wishing Tree is making it's way around the blogosphere of late - see here that Amy Atlas loves it too. (Side bar: Wish I would have known she was going to be there the same day as me! I would have been watching out for the Queen of all things dessert. Just knowing I was in the same building as her makes me hopeful some of her talent rubbed off on me. We were breathing the same air you know!)

Wouldn't this be a wonderful addition to a wedding, shower, anniversary party, etc. Guest write their wishes on ready-made slips of paper with string already attached. After folding, the guests hang their message from one of the branches of the tree.

Here is an image from their website to give the product the showcase it actually deserves.

Look at this idea for a wedding - love it! Make your table seating chart look like an open book. Aren't those flowers down the middle divine!? A completely doable d.i.y. project. Unfortnately, I didn't document the source.

Well, that's enough for now, but I have LOTS more to share. Stay tuned... I have to get back to the two cakes I have due this week.

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katie@tulsadetails said...

This looks amazing!!! I cannot wait to see the rest of your pictures!

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