walnut baby shower game :: part two

I have to start by saying thanks to those of you who participated - I chuckled at each of your guesses!

And the answer is......
twenty seven!!!!  

Can you believe it!?  I wish I could see all your faces right now - that's the best part of this game by the way.  Yes, 27!  Now some items might be a little "subjective" to some, but I just left it how my grandmother had it. (So don't send me nasty emails how you don't agree with this or that. :)) You can pick and choose what to put in your shell.  I have also thought of a couple more things that could be used - listed below.  One thing I really like about this game is it will be new to all your guests.  I can pretty much guarantee no one will have seen it or played it.  My grandmother made this and played it 50-60 years ago!!!!  So, it is a new and fresh idea.  

Here is a photo breakdown so you can see it all come together.  First up, the bow.  Use blue or pink depending on the sex.  Or if they aren't finding out the sex, any multi-colored baby ribbon would be perfect. 

Next up, the rubber banding.  You would have to do this regardless if there were items in the shell or not.  It's two halves and they won't stay together by themselves.  Then when you add 27 items you definitely need a rubber band.

This photo is just the nut as soon as I take the rubber band off.  I just wanted you to see how tightly it's all stuffed in there.  You have to get creative.  Tuck things here, tuck things there.  Anyone who is a good packer would be good at this job.  

This next picture shows a good example of how tight you have to be.  My grandma stacked all the flat items together, used the thread (one of the items) to hold them all together, then tucked the stack into one side of the shell. 


Next is all the items spread out and the list.

1. safety  pin
2. cotton ball
3. gauze
4. baby asprin
5. baby tooth
6. baby bracelet (the pink and white beads - this was actually my mom's hospital id bracelet!)
7. baby picture
8. cherrio (I bet that tastes fresh!)
9. toy
10. miniature clothes pin
11. miniature bottle 
12. newspaper birth announcement clipping
13. lock of baby's hair (I put it on a little piece of paper so you could see it better)
14. heart locket necklace 
15. key to baby's bank 
16. money (need lots of this to have a baby - definitely more than just the dime shown!)
17. baby ring
**Next 3 items related to devout Catholics like my grandmother
18. baby rosary
19. Guardian Angel baby prayer
20. mother and baby medallion 
**Next 7 items are obviously a sign of the times when women made their children's clothes / blankets
21. thread
22. ribbon
23. elastic
24. baby button
25. yarn
26. ric-rack (apparently a prevalent detail on baby's clothes years ago)
27. snap fastener (you know, on onesies) 

So there you have it!  A fun, new and creative baby shower game.  Thanks Grandma Riedel - I miss you!  

I also thought of a couple more items you could add...
- rice cereal (put it in tape like the hair clipping)
- a baby fingernail clipping (but maybe kinda gross!?)

And onto the winner... Angel who said "I am going to be brave and guess 8."  Angel, I don't have your email so you'll have to email me (apowers.apartystyle@gmail.com) to receive your prize.  


Kasey said...

What a cool game. Unique for sure.

katie@tulsadetails said...

So, so fun! I wasn't even close. My jaw did drop to the floor when you said 27!!!

jean comeau said...

What an original way to have a shower. You can put many things in the nuts and the mom can decide what clothes to buy.

Anonymous said...

now this is one baby shower game i could get behind! i can only imagine people's reaction... especially if a baby fingernail came out of the walnut. ;-)

Anonymous said...

So how does this game work exactly?

Zab said...

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