construction cake

I had a cake order this weekend for a little guy who loves construction - especially construction cones!  His mom provided me with his favorite construction toy trucks and I included them in the design.  I "excavated" out some of the cake and made a mound with it along with a little flag.  I added a fondant road, some candy rocks and there you have it - an edible construction site!

A little sidebar I have to share... I still get nervous every time I deliver a cake.  While driving, all I can think about is "I hope they like it, I hope they like it, etc."  I always hope I have exceeded the clients expectations.  Well, this delivery was awesome.  Not only did they like it, but the mom even started crying!  So sweet!  She made me as happy as I made her.  Thanks Kary!


Not Just A Mommy! said...

Love it! I was on the other end when we picked up the construction cake designed for my friend, I was thinking "I hope she like it..." Did you see it?

kary said...

I'm the mom that cried over the cake...seriously, it was the best construction cake I had ever seen! Anne, you truly have a gift..THANK YOU! Jake is still talking about his "cool cake!"

Madison's Mommy said...

Adorable cake! You are such an amazing talent!

katie@tulsadetails said...

What a compliment!!! You do amazing work!!! I used to be like this with my flower business, so I totally feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Once again fabulous!!!!

Anonymous said...

I 've just had a tear in my eye just reading it! Fantastic cake!!! What a talent you have!!!!

Sarah said...

Made my own construction cake for my little man's first birthday. Thanks for the idea! It turned out great!!

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