teacher gift :: hand-stamped tote

The end of the school year is fast approaching. (Well, for those of us on the east coast anyway.  We are still paying for the awful winter we had. Snow days are fun until you have to make them all up! Our particular district doesn't get out until June 27th - ouch!) So, with the end of the year comes teacher gifts. For my daughter's kindergarten teacher, the class parents are collectively pulling money to buy her a gift card.  She will get to pick out something for herself, but we also wanted to give her something that captured the students she impacted this year.

I bought a burlap tote at Joann's (on sale even!) and fabric paint.  I went into the classroom (secretly on a day the teacher was absent) and helped the children stamp their hand prints onto the tote.  The tote was the perfect size - the front and back was just enough space for the 17 students in her class.  After the paint was completely dry, I wrote their names below each of their hand prints.  (I made sure to take note of who's hand was who's while stamping.)

I hope she gets good use out of the bag - holding her lunch, transporting papers or simply carrying a good book and sunscreen to the beach this summer.  I also hope it reminds her of a group of students that love her dearly and are forever impacted by her gift of teaching.

Thank you for a wonderful year, Mrs. Ferguson!

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