mingle magazine

Okay friends, humor me for a minute. I'm kinda crazy with excitement!!! (Warning: excessive use of exclamation points in this post.) The Mingle Magazine will be on shelves in 4 days!!! As I've said before, not only am I surprised (and humbled) that I'm in a magazine, but this past weekend, I found out the one and only Kim from The TomKat Studio is featured as well. This is just nuts to me... She is one of the party stylists who I have looked up to and "wanted to be when I grew up" since I started my little business/blog. As I told her this past weekend, she has provided inspiration to so many of us to do what we love to do and showed us how to do it with such poise and humility. To be included with someone who I have such adoration for, as well as other talents, is a weird feeling. I can't believe this is happening!!!

So, this Saturday, I will be driving around town to see the magazine on shelves. (I know, I'm a dork right!?) In the meantime, look what I spotted yesterday... the table of contents for the premiere issue for Mingle. There I am!!! On page 90!!! I can't wait!!!

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