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Today is my daughter's 7th birthday! 
Happy Birthday, Ella! You bring me joy everyday!

The theme for Ella's party this year is "Lucky #7". We are having a kids casino party... lots of kid-friendly card and dice games in our future. We are "betting" on a good time! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Here are a couple pictures of the invites. I took pictures of the process and will be doing a "scratch-off" tutorial soon.

Being her 7th birthday, we used several graphics to represent that. Notice the dice stickers on the envelope flap as well as the dice at the top of the invite; both sets equaling seven, of course!

After scratching off...
More sevens!!! 



katie@tulsadetails said...

Really cute! You are so creative! Can't wait to see pics from the party!

Maureen said...

I love this idea- what a "lucky" girl to have such a fun seventh birthday party!

Tiffany Martha said...

Oh man....Jude would have been all over that party! He is just like my dad...loves to gamble! :) Happy birthday to that sweet girl!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

This is a really cute theme! I think it would work for just about anybody or any type of party.

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