deviled egg "holder"

With Easter one week from today, the ever popular deviled eggs will be making it's annual appearance in abundance. Yum! I always have a problem serving deviled eggs though. They slip and slide all over the plate (and when they fall, they leave your pastel pallet Easter dress looking a little yuck.) Some people have the luxury of owning one of those fancy platters especially for holding deviled eggs. If you are like me though, don't fret.... here is a solution!

Awhile back we were eating at Blue Smoke in NYC, I snapped a quick picture of how they handle the annoying egg-sliding problem. (I'm sure they don't want their servers dumping deviled eggs on any one's Easter bonnet, now do they!?) While piping in the yolk mixture, you also pipe a dollop on the plate and then place the egg on top. Genius, right?!

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