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I always try to keep my eyes peeled for inspiration. Whether it's the season teaser (like here) or displaying merchandise, one place you are always sure to find some good eye candy is at department stores. 

Recently I was in NYC to celebrate my mom's birthday and we did some shopping. While at the original Macy's on 34th, I noticed this cute display for simple trays. I loved the idea of turning these trays into mobile concessions. I snapped a couple pictures for selfish reasons. My daughter wants a circus/carnival party and I thought this would be a perfect way to walk around and serve treats in the middle of the party. Look how simple the construction is - they just hot glued the ribbon! 

During the same trip, we went into FAO Schwarz so my aunt, who had never been to NYC, could experience it. That store makes us all want to be a kid again. In the candy department, I spotted these fun topiaries made out of Peeps. I think they are so cool! They would be perfect for a candy party or an Easter display. 

And lastly, this window display treasure from my local babyGap.  Again, selfishly I was thinking about my daughter's party, but this simple and cheap display could be used for so many themes. I know it's hard to tell from the cell phone photo, but it is simply paper cups embellished with paper straws and paper lemon cut-outs attached to a white display board. So clever! Hello, future backdrop!


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