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Okay, now that I'm confident everyone invited to my daughter's 5th birthday party has received their invitations, I'll share. Since it is so rare to get anything fun and exciting in the mailbox anymore, I didn't want any of the guests to see the invitation via the blog.

I have been working on this party for months, but I'm really coming down to crunch time now. I just love this point in the party planning process. So busy and so close to showtime! The theme for the party is a trip around the world. The color scheme for the party is vast since we will be "visiting" several countries around the world, but for the airline part we choose orange and blue.

We set the tone/theme with these airline tickets as the invitations. We designed a logo that will be used throughout the party. The "airline" we will be flying is Ella Macy (my daughter's name) Airlines. See the "EM" coming out of the plane - fun huh? It's kind of hard to read in the photographs. Why can't I get a decent picture!? I need a personal photographer to just follow me around.

Another detail I couldn't wait to do on these invitations was to use my perforation tool. Along both of the dashed lines (see how it bends a little bit), I used the tool to perforate the invitations, so you can literally tear the boarding pass part off. Wonder if the kids will do this? Or even bring them with them?

I can't wait for the party! I think I'm just as excited as my daughter. Lots of fun details coming your way soon.

And in case you're looking, there are a lot of really great airplane invitations out there. I looked to these for inspiration: here, here and here.


Natalie of said...

ok can i just say that you are freagin amazing???! this is awesome. i am known to spend way to much time on stuff like this...and love going into every detail..but you are hero. haha. i'm so glad i found your blog. i'm a follower!

laurie said...

THE BEST EVER!! Love the color palette, the attention to detail and the strong graphic illustrations!

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