sick and tired of being sick

Image: Andy Warhol, Campbell Soup Can: Chicken Noodle, 1964

Okay, Mr. "Bug", you have some explaining to do to my readers. What, you don't know what to say? Well, let's start with what you did to me! First, you hit me with a nice dose of strep throat... then onto double ear infections... which lead to a ruptured eardrum since my ears were so full of fluid. Fun! Fun! Four doctors visits later, I'm starting to feel a little better.

So dear readers, obviously posting has been the least of my worries. Now I will be playing catch up on blogging, events scheduling, etc. let alone the motherhood and household duties I've neglected for a week plus. After a few nice bowls of chicken soup, I hope to be back up running full steam ahead.

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