bumble bee party

A bumble bee first birthday party that is too cute for words. Here's the buzz! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!) Fiona, the birthday girl, had a wonderful day - lots of details and love put into this party!

For starters, Fiona's mom bought the printable itty bitty bee package from Parties by Hardie here. So many cute items in the package - banners, tags, pennants, signage, and I could go on and on. Wow! Check it out!

Fantastic focal point! When I found out Fiona was having a bumble bee party, I was constantly on the look out for cute ideas. Blogland never disappoints. I shared this project with her mom and she did a fantastic job duplicating it! So cute!!!

Look at these perfect flower vases - don't they look just like a bee hive!? Another wonderful serendipitous Dollar Tree find!

Pin the tail on the donkey has been a long time party game staple. Change it up to fit your party theme like this! Notice the blindfold is bumble bee fabric too! The same fabric (found on eBay) was used for Fiona's dress (made by her great-grandma) and her birthday hat (made by her mommy).

I was asked to make Fiona's cake. A true honor. I used the image from the party decor for inspiration.

Look at that big girl eating her cake!

Another detail I just love is the mommy shirt. Can you see that!? Not only is it yellow and black, but it says MOMMY. She is proud to state her motherhood and it celebrates her surviving the first year. She bought the shirt from Firedaughter Clothing Esty Shop here.

Now this idea I just love! Every month Fiona was photographed in the same 12 month onesie. Obviously, the first few months she was swimming in that little white onesie, but now she fills it out perfectly. I love this idea for so many reasons. Not only do you get to see the physical growth of the baby, but the pictures also show the other developments - first smiles, double chins, toes in the mouth, etc.

Such "sweet" favors. Honey for all! Notice how the jars were laid out in a honeycomb pattern too.

Congrats on making it through the first year, Mommy and Daddy! Fiona will bring you many more years of happiness.


Brittanie Gordon said...

I saw the "tease" that dissapeared the other day.. glad it's on here.. SUCH cute idea's.. I am helping a friend with a couple ideas for her bee first birthday party!! Thanks for such cute ideas!

Thepearsonfamilee said...

Very CUTE! I love the cake colors!

Candy and Cake Sugar Designs said...

So cute!

Love the new look on your blog too!


Anonymous said...

It's cute and all but if it's bumblebee party, I suppose bumblebee attributes should be there.
First of bumblebees don't make nest in these cartoon style BEE nests (even bees don't make such), in fact they make nest in ground tunnels.
Then theres this hexagonal "honeycomb" shape jars which bumblebees don't make, they make round honey filled bubble like shapes stacked together in random order.
Don't want to seem negative, just want to clear out some things of which you may not even be aware.

Anonymous said...

You say you don't want to be negative, but you are!! This a kids party, not an entomology class.

Anonymous said...

Omg..."anonymous" that took the time to comment on the factual errors of the representations of bees at a CHILD'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY...seriously?? lol

Unknown said...

that bumblebee teacher just made me pee my pants in laughter. its called art, and the hexagon honeycombs and bee nest are more cute and kiddish than the real deal. I'm sure you were upset not to see real bees on the decorations then too?

Unknown said...

What does your cards say on the sweet table

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