cake inspiration books

Okay, now for my favorite cake inspiration books. Like with the party books, I have lots more, but these are the ones I look to first. I am constantly on the look out for new ones - tell me which ones are your must-haves.

Here's a couple cute cupcake details from that I Love Sugar book.
Butterfly cupcakes... cut the top off, frost, cut the top in half and then lay them back on at an angle. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Easy, peasy!

Carrot cupcake... thinly peel a carrot lengthwise with a vegetable peeler, roll the pieces up like shown and top with a small piece of the carrot stem. Cute, cute!

Some day I want to join the ranks of these books. One of my eventual goals is to write a book myself. I have always had this dream of walking into a book store and seeing my own book on the shelf. Gotta set goals!


Missy said...

Have you read Whimsical Bakehouse? Tehy have three books out, and I have never had one of their recipes bomb. It is a great book!

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