xmas in july :: christmas card

I have yet another Powers Christmas card for you.  We're going back a few years here - our first Christmas with a baby!  (Babies and their first Christmas - is there anything better!?)  We used her little footprint and dubbed it "prints" of peace.

We dipped her foot in white acrylic paint and then pressed it on the red paper. To give it a little more definition, we traced her footprint with a white ink pen. I also wrote her name and age next to it.  We then printed a short blurb on vellum paper and laid that over the print. We wrapped it in peppermint inspired paper leaving our names and "prints" of peace showing.  Covering the wording made for a better presentation and it also made the reader remove it to see the footprint better.  Finally, we secured it all with a cute little paperclip and Viola!  

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