xmas in july :: my wish list

I've recently seen lots of fun things I want. So, since today is the 25th and we are exactly five months out from Christmas (yikes!) I thought I'd share some of my wish list. (Hint, hint hubby!) Maybe you guys would like to add them to your wish list, too.

During these dog days of summer, wouldn't a picnic basket come in handy!? We go to weekly outdoor concerts during the summer, but we always look like the Clampett's carrying everything in trash sacks.  Not really, but I would love to have a cute little basket to carry it all in. Check out this beauty. Modern, yet functional and full of all the necessary items - plates, utensils, glasses, bottle opener, s & p shakers, etc. Available here, but be warned, it's pretty pricey.

Being more realistic financially, this classic one from Crate and Barrel would be perfect too.

My next wish list item is personal stationery. As much as I deal with paper and correspondence, you would think I would have some. I give this as a gift quite a bit and would love to be on the receiving end of it this year. Isn't this set gorgeous!? So crisp and clean. Available here.  

I'm sure you all already know about Bakerella's upcoming book release and I'm sure you are as excited as me. Last I heard, it would be out in September - a little earlier than first expected. Can't wait!!! I have it here on my Christmas wish list, but not sure if I'll be able to wait that long???  You can pre-order through Amazon here.
Next up, a perfect little item for a stocking stuffer - The iplunge! So cute, so funny and so practical. I want one and will probably be stuffing some stockings myself with these little guys. Find them here.


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