halloween costume series :: hula girl

I'm here with another costume...  Little Hula Girl!

We made the coconut bra and grass skirt by simply cutting down a regular sized costume we found.  My husband used a special little saw with a fine blade so it wouldn't shatter the coconut shells.  She collected her treats in a little Hawaiian purse I picked up while on vacation in Maui.  It worked out perfectly!  I love when the candy bucket even fits in with a kids' costume.

I tried and tried to find a nude leotard for her that year, but I couldn't find one small enough.  She was only 18 months at the time and all I could find was a size 3T unfortunately.  Hence the white shirt.  But that was okay, I ended up using that nude leotard the next year.  Wait until you see the next costume - my all time favorite costume we have ever done!!!!

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Gloria said...

Look at THIS little sweetheart! Oh, that grass skirt is the CUTEST! Enjoy Trick-or-Treating with your girls this year!
Best regards,
Gloria (visiting from SITS!)

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