summer recap

I am prepping for a couple of events this weekend and can't find the time to do much - hence the complete lack of posts lately. I did come across some pictures last night that I thought I'd share though. A little recap of our summer. My oldest daughter starts kindergarten tomorrow (excuse me while I get a tissue!) so between that and the Labor Day being the end of summer, I thought I'd better squeeze these pictures in.

While out in California earlier this summer, we were fortunate enough to go a LA Dodgers game. What made this game extra special was that we got to sit in seats five rows behind home plate - yeap, 5 ROWS!!! We got to eat an amazing dinner in the "dugout club" before the game started and then walked out a few steps to our seats. It was amazing! Lots of celebrity sittings! Rob Reiner, Larry King and his wife Shawn, Jane Seymour and her family to name a few. As you can see from the picture below we were sitting right across from Larry King. (He doesn't know how to work a cell phone by the way. Long story I won't bore you with, but we all got a good laugh.) One "party" take away from this experience was the cute baseball tags for the ice cream bar.

My brother, my dad and my hubby! The best guys in the world!

My brother really "cheesing" it up for the camera. He's a pilot - can't you tell from the glasses. Ladies, he's single!

Jane Seymour (who is absolutely stunning in real life) and Larry King (who is not that stunning in real life!).

A few other shots I couldn't help but share of my girls. We had a tag sale a few weeks ago and they sold lemonade and cupcakes. Let's just say they did VERY well! I'm borrowing money from them!

Okay, back to work on the parties. Stay tuned for the event photos... I hope it all turns out!!


laurie said...

games in LA really are about the celebrity sightings! thanks for sharing!

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