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I just scored a deal and wanted to pass along the news in case anyone else is interested. I headed out to my local Michael's this morning to pick up some new cookie cutters and stumbled upon this....

The Provo Craft Cricut Cake machine is on sale for $49.99!!!!!!
Regularly $399.99. Yeap, I'm pretty excited!

The sign did say "while supplies last" and "only at select stores". So it might not be available everywhere. When I was at Michael's last week it was on sale for $99.99. So glad I didn't "bite" on that offer.

From my understanding, Cricut Cake has released a new Martha Stewart edition and they are wanting to get rid of the "old" ones. From what I have read though, there aren't any differences in the machines other than the color - the new Martha version is white instead of red. (I can deal with red for a savings of $350.00!!!) There are different cartridges (Martha designs) in the new one, but I just figured I'll buy those by themselves if I really want them. I'll just start with the cartridge that was included in the box and also with the cartridges I have from my Cricut Expression. Yes, you can use any Cricut cartridge in the cake machine - how cool is that right!?

They also have all the Cricut Cake accessories 80% off. Extra cutting boards, replacement blades, fondant papers, etc. I bought one of everything just so I have it. Like the cutting boards (you can never have too many of those) for $2.60 - regularly $12.99! And if all this good news wasn't enough, they also had all the cake cartridges on sale for $9.99 - regularly $89.99. Yeap, I bought one of each of those too.

Anyone already have the Cricut Cake? Do you like it? Want to share any tips with a new user?

For those interested and in response to the questioning comment below, I dug up my receipt and have included a scan of it. As you can see from the highlighted scan, $49.99 was indeed the price I paid.


Jennifer said...

I'm near Chicago....just called my Michael's to see if they had it. It's on sale for $199.99. They thought I was crazy asking about it for $49. :)

Lauren @ Crave. Indulge. Satisfy. said...

Wow what a steal! I was just at Michaels and saw the products at 80% off, but didn't see any of the Cricut Machines or even know they were on sale, all of them must have been bought already at our Mobile, AL store! Bummer, this would have been nice to have!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Shut up!!!! I must go tomorrow. I probably will never even use it(being I have every appliance known to man and haven't touched a majority of them), but it is too good of a deal to pass up!

Anonymous said...

I've been pricing these for my daughter. You say you got it for (The Provo Craft Cricut Cake machine is on sale for $49.99!!!!!!
Regularly $399.99. Yeap, I'm pretty excited!)

No Michaels on the planet or any other store or distributor is selling it for that price.... Yeap you must be a Blonde, or just plan crazy. Duhhh

a. party style said...

To Anonymus - That IS the price I paid. By which means it was made available at that price is something I can not answer. Posting the information here was an effort to share the deal with others. Not being "blonde" or "crazy" - just being NICE!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous number one the time of this post I ran out to buy the cricut cake machine, like many of Anne's other readers I am sure, and sure enough DID find it for $49.99 and BOUGHT it. Just because you did not find it for that price does not mean she was wrong. You also went shipping FIVE months after her post. Does ANY sale last 5 months?! To call her "blond" or "crazy" is uncalled for. I pity someone who feels the need to be as rude as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am interested in buying one of these machines but I would like to know if you have had any luck in using it? Have you posted anything about you using it or pictures or anything? Please direct me if there is such information!

Anonymous said...

Hallo, ik ben al een tijdje opzoek naar de cricut machine, hier in nederland is dit echt een pittige prijs vergeleken met america.
Heeft u voor mij de site waar u deze machine besteld heeft?
Graag hoor ik van u!

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