fudge covered ritz crackers

They're back!!!  Last year, toward the end of the holiday season, I stumbled upon these Fudge Covered Ritz Crackers.  I fell in love.  Pure bliss!  They are so good!  Shortly after discovering them, my love affair ended though, since they are limited edition crackers.  But, oh-happy-day when I recently saw them back at the market for this year's holiday season!!!  I haven't bought any yet.  And I'm pretty proud of that by the way - my hips will thank me later.

You could put out a little tray of these at your holiday party and I guarantee they're won't be any left!  If you haven't tried these delicious treats, go, run to your local market and pick up a box.  You won't regret it!  
[Disclosure:  This is just my tummy's little humble opinion.  No one at Nabisco knows me, contacted me or even knows I wrote this.  I received no payment for my post - Mr. Nabisco, if you ever do see this little blog of mine though, feel free to send a box! :) ]


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