edible garnish

Knowing I had two holiday dessert tables, I bought these edible snowflake details at Michael's awhile back.  At the time I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with them, but I knew I could use them somehow.  I ended up topping my mini cupcakes with them.  The event you saw yesterday was all red and white and the other event was a blue and silver color scheme.  These were perfect!!  I used the white snowflakes on top of red icing and the blue ones on top of white icing.

I can't remember exactly what they cost, but it was only a few bucks I'm sure.  A really cute detail for just a little money.  I love it!  Here is a couple pictures of the bag so you can see what you're looking for.  For the sake of full disclosure, they weren't necessarily all that tasty, but edible none the less.  Most people just took them off.  The bag said they were blueberry and vanilla flavored, but I wouldn't give them that much credit.  They just tasted like nothing to me.


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katie@tulsadetails said...

Those are so cute and it does add a little special touch!

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