pipe cleaner christmas tree

We had a fun (impromptu) dinner with friends tonight after attending the annual tree lighting on the New Haven Green.  While walking from the festivities to the restaurant, we stumbled upon this!!!

A beautiful Christmas tree in one of my favorite restaurants (Bentara).  Doesn't it look so cool!?  Not only do they have great food, but now they ace Christmas tree decor too!?  I love how different it is - both in style and in colors.

Okay, now are you ready for this... guess what all the little colorful bursts are made out of?  Wait for it!  Wait for it!  Would you believe PIPE CLEANERS!!!!   What a great idea, huh!?  And so cheap!  Talk about getting major bang for your buck!

They achieved the overall look by making little bundles of about 40 pipe cleaners into bouquet type shapes - using yet another pipe cleaner to hold each bundle together.  Within each bundle, the pipe cleaners were shaped like a "burst".  They made several hundred bundles (a couple hundred for this 7' tree is my guess) and then tucked each bundle into the tree branches.  And viola!  One amazing tree - what a conversation starter!  I just think this is so creative and original!

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