april shower cupcakes

Well, Ella's party was a lot of fun!  I'm pooped though.  With two large events in the last 10 days and a sprinkling of other little jobs too, I'm playing catch up.  So, let me catch my breath and then I'll show you some pictures.  I am so excited to see the photos my friend/photographer Kate Panza took of the party.  She is very skilled behind the lens and I know she captured some beautiful shots!  

In the meantime, look at these precious rainy day cupcakes.  So cute.  So clever.  (I really thought about doing them for Ella's April Showers party - they would have been so perfect!)

Imagine via Bake it in a Cake


I Do Declare said...

Those cupcakes are the CUTEST!!!!

lin liyi said...

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