camera to cartoon

In last months Better Homes and Gardens magazine, I saw a great resource.  The Story Studio section on  You have to check this out - so cool!  You can turn one of your photos into a cartoon, print it and color it.  How fun is that!?    

After you log-in, you upload your own photo (or take a picture with your webcam) and the program uses facial recognition software to make a caricature of the photo.  You can also add other details like accessories or fun backgrounds.

When I saw this, I immediately thought of kids' parties.  Wouldn't these make a great party favor!?  A custom coloring page and a small pack of crayons - perfect!  You could even coordinate the story background with your party theme.  Like the photo sample that's on the home page, your caricature in a baseball park for a baseball-themed party.

There are so many possibilities with this fun resource - from kids to adults!  You could use this for invitations, tags, posters, etc.  

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